Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Trees for Denise

My friend Denise loves trees. What is not to love....they do photosynthesis which is pretty groovy when you think about the chemistry of carbon fixation and all. They make oxygen which is a fairly nice trick. And they are pretty.

Here are some pretty trees for Denise.

Who just happens to blog here: http://deniseculberson.blogspot.com/

And for the observant of those amongst you, yes, this is the image that I am carving in the previous post. If you noticed you get the gold star today.

You are all doing very well.


Sarah Ridgley said...

Beautiful trees. Good luck with the new blog!

DC Designs said...

They also provide shade and countless opportunities for artistic interpretation. :) Just saying
Love the trees!

DC Designs said...

oh and the leaves on trees, don't even get me started about the leaves

Marysusan Noll said...

Denise is all about the leaves! Perhaps we should collaborate? I could do the tree and you could do the leaves?

DC Designs said...

oh that could be cool