Monday, July 16, 2007

Collaborative Challenge

It is amazing how things link up in the Bloggy world. I was reading my friend, Leah's fabu blog, Homework. She had this great description of some silver wire knitting that she had done. This immediately set off the bells and whistles in my head to used the silver "fabric" to create a pouch to enclose an object, like a stone, pearl, or bit of wood. This could then be "sewn" along three edges using wire strung with beads (or not).

I promised her that I would make up a sketch of my here it is. I used my Wacom Intuos tablet to do the sketch with a little help from Photoshop. Love that tablet, one of my favourite toys. Leah, my dearest Knit Geek, link me up and lets see what can you do with it...

The collaboration ball is in your court!


veronica darling said...

Your sketch is so cute!

I've just joined the Etsy blog ring and am skipping through people's blogs! I'm two blogs behind you!

Your hair looks ace as well!

Marysusan Noll said...

Thanks Veronica! The ring is a great place to be...I have seen soooo many great blogs just jumping forward and back! Congrats on the join and welcome.