Sunday, June 22, 2008


Another day, another new internet toy: Wordle

I created a wordle from the tags on my flikr images. I took a few out, that were a little personal or incongruous, fiddled with the colors and fonts a bit, and this is what I got.

felt inspiration wordle

I like it. I feel like it sums up what my art would be if it were manifest in word soup inside my brain. If you could open my cranium, it is what you would see on a hot June night.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Library Loving

So my little exhibit at the library went up yesterday. It was the first time that I had done anything like that and I think that it looks pretty good. It took me some time to finesse it to where I was happy with the display, but in the end, I was pleased. It was a combination of my felt work and some photos of my felt being worn. It is just one display cabinet, but it is a start! It runs for the whole month of June, and at least now I can say that I have had an exhibit!
I also included an artist statement and a bit about the history of felting, as well as some of my microscope images of wool fibers.

Snake scarf gets LOVE

snake scarf, originally uploaded by Marysusan.

So Craftmag saw my little snake scarf and decided to give it some love today in their blog. Yippee!

If you were on Long Island, then you could see the real thing, as it in on display at my Library Exhibit.

I kind of love my little Rumpole the Reductive Rattler. He is wet felted, hand beaded and about 5 feet long. He works well as both a scarf and a belt. Totally fun.