Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Gifting

So...I haven't been able to show you much of what I have made lately, because it was intended for Christmas gifting, but as a couple of the recipients are in transit and out of range of the possibility of Internet corruption, I can reveal a few of the goodies I put together, but only a few:

I whipped up some felted soaps for stocking stuffers:

I made a gift box of 20 handmade cards for my mother to send. I thought that this would be a nice gift. They tend to be cute, as does she....

....but a few trend to the artsy...

The other goodies I can't show yet! I plead for patience!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Punk hair for babies...cause they don't have any...

I have been busy lately making Christmas stuff and not stuff so much for Etsy. Thus, if I posted photos of the things I have been making I would be giving away the secrets of Christmas gifts. I did, however make a prototype gift of a baby hat with a Mohawk, for all my post-punk parent friends. Unfortunately, I truly screwed up the measurements and the thing fits me. Soooooo, I now have a Mohawk hat, and I still have to make half a dozen of these before the Holiday arrives. This one was supposed to be for a friend's 3 month old boy.


If I had known I was making it for myself, I would have given it a longer crest, and the crest would have been pink. DAMN.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Raw Bones: Felted necklace

This is the "Raw Bones" felted necklace. When I finished the snake, treated it with the acrylic, and cut it, I thought that it looked like uncooked bones....which is kind of creepy to me, being a vegetarian. However, with the little rose quartz spacers and the touch of red coral, it turned out to be quite the engaging necklace. The upward facing side of the cut beads really does frame the face.

Even if it is a little...morbid?

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Felt Heirloom Roses

So...I am off the Peonies for a little bit and on to Heirloom Roses. I consider this little guy to be an heirloom rose, cause he is so open. Aren't those the roses we always remember as smelling the best and lasting the longest, even if they were not the most showy in the garden?
This 4 inch wet felted and hand beaded beauty with needle felted details would dress up any ensemble, from a simple black turtleneck, to a blushing pink evening gown. It also looks spectacular in a chignon, and that is why it is convertible from a hair fork mounting to a traditional corsage pin.

I love making these, and I made the flat felt for this over the summer, and had it sitting about for a while waiting for it tell me what it wanted to be. Last night it whispered to me...so I helped it along.