Monday, July 30, 2007

Check this Out: Kim Westad Ceramics

I first saw Kim Westad's ceramics at the Renegade Craft fair in Brooklyn, just before the skies opened up and the rain started slapping down at us like wet towels in a summer camp shower, but I had to take a minute to shout her praises. Her stuff was just too lovely to ignore. Since the Renegade folks were thoughtful enough to put out a little booklet with all the vendor's web info, I was able to track her down at etsy.

I just love the sinuous forms that she uses. Her textures are a very sexy mixture of soft silky bits mixed with highly reflective but subtly colored glazes. I LOVE her color choices. They are very grass and sky... I can't wait to indulge myself in a few of her pieces for my birthday gift to myself. She has a tremendous eye for balanced design that is at the same time whimsical and sophisticated. Don't pass her up. If you want to learn more about Kim, you might want to visit her website Or you can buy her ceramics at her Etsy site at

And what is even better....she is running a SALE!!!! A SALE!!! YIPPEE!!!

Get thee to Kim Westad at Etsy and send yourself some sensual ceramics (try saying that five times fast!)


DC Designs said...

oh I love that shop! I've had the green and white vase hearted for a while now. The line of her stuff is fantastic.

liz aka hobbledehoy said...

wow, what amazing ceramics! They remind me of a visit to the aquarium- such natural and nautical shapes!

Nora said...

Kim Westad is one of my favorites on etsy! I love her stuff. Nice blog yay for blogs and finding new friends!

TrueMirage said...

also one of my faves. didn't know about the sale though. must check it out!