Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I love it more than zombies love brains.....

I was poking about on Etsy, like I do a lot, when I found this featured shop foldedpigs. She makes the most hilarious porcelain. Including this plate:

Which I thought was an incredible coincidence, as I had just been listening to the musical stylings of Jonathan Coulton, who as some of you may know, is the roving troubadour for Popular Science magazine and a musical genius to boot.

Why is this a coincidence, you may ask? He has a fantastic song called "Re: Your Brains" which you can just so happen to listen to below.

I dropped him an e-mail to let him know about this alignment of the arts, and what do you know but the man wrote me back....within 24 hours. How is that for being responsive to your fan base?

I love his music more than zombies love brains......

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