Saturday, October 27, 2007

Starbucks Mishap

I was just poisoned by Starbucks:

I went there during my usual Saturday morning town stroll, and decided that in addition to my standard Grande Hazelnut Latte, that I would try one of their new breakfast sandwiches, as it might be a nice change from the egg on English muffin that I normally get at the bagel place.

Well, I ordered the Spinach and Feta with Roasted Tomato Wrap, as that is the only item in the category that is meatless. You see, I have been a Vegetarian since I was 14, so that makes me totally meat free for over 21 years now.

They gave me my sandwich and drink, after messing up my order a little bit on the drink (evidently the H was misinterpreted as an A so they made an almond latte the first time around), and I headed home, as it had started to rain.

I got home, settled in with the mail and opened the bag with my sandwich and happily started to chomp away. Something wasn't tasted kind of funny.

I took another bite, figuring it was just in my head. It still tasted very strange. I looked down into the wrap and saw that there was something pink inside, and it wasn't a tomato. It was bacon. I had been given an avocado, egg, and turkey bacon wrap instead.

I spit out what was in my mouth, drank a bunch of water, and am now sitting here with the wrap in its bag, my hands shaking and some terribly awesome stomach cramps.

What would you do next?

Do I take it back and complain? Do I just chalk it up to experience and never eat anything that I can't see the insides of again? What do I do?


liz aka hobbledehoy said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you. How frustrating, especially after years and years of being a vegetarian. I would take the remainder of the wrap back, and complain, and accept the apology if one is offered.

I'm pretty passive though, and I can tell by your post that you're really unhappy. Best wishes towards a speedy resolution.

Marysusan Noll said...

Actually I'm pretty passive too. That is what makes this hard.

erasmus said...

I'd be as angry as you. Yeah I eat fish but I cant even remember the last time I ate meat. I'd leave it and try and make sure items are checked before opening. I tend to be double sure most of the time before I put anything to my lips.
I understand though but as you walked out of the shop with it... it tends to leave you on shaky ground. Is it really worth a complimentary coffee and a peeved assistant?

Marysusan Noll said...

Please read the follow up....