Thursday, September 13, 2007

As promised but late

This is the problem when you are a make promises to lots of people and then you have to prioritize them. Yesterday I promised some students I would stay after school and work on metric conversions with them after they gave me the puppy dog eye...hence the no pictures of the gorgeous necklace. It was the day before a four day weekend, and I would normally run out of my classroom like a bee after honey on a day like that, but who can resist the puppy dog eye in connection with a request for extra help? I love you people {those folks who for some strange reason continue to come back here and check out what I make and say}, but sorry, those kids will almost always come first.

So here it is a day later, and the skies are blue and lovely with tiny puffy clouds that remind me of just why all those artists came out here to Long Island to live and work. The air is crisp with a tiny hint of a moist fall to come, there is a dead opossum in the street in front of my house (we bagged it, and yes, I felt bad cause I think it is the one that I saw waddling across the yard at dusk from my perch on the deck many nights this summer; and I generally feel bad when things die in untimely ways; I'm human like that) and I have fired up the camera. So here:
It is one of the necklaces that Leah (Kneek) made in response to the collaborative challenge. (see posts below). It is silver and the little object inside is a bit of amethyst. Aren't you jealous? Don't you want one? I have one. he he he he (evil giggle)

NOTE: Kneek just opened an etsy shop where you can have one of her creations for your very own! Please go check her out!


DC Designs said...

the list never fully gets finished does it? we are the best of prioritizers

Marysusan Noll said...

Nope....never...but the stuff for the kids always seems to float to the top.