Saturday, September 1, 2007

Green Flowers

I'm sure she will be Ok, Green.

This little flower isn't so mean, he is a little more concerned than angry and that makes a change for these tiny guys. They tend to be a bit more bitchy than this. It is pretty unusual for them to be this nice to each other.

This little encaustic is 3 inches x 4 inches. I had primed and painted the background for this and another piece this size over two months ago, but just got around to doing the encaustic layers. It was cool enough yesterday for me to fire up the hot plate and melt the encaustics. I consider this a little warm up for a commission that I want to finish this week. I firmly believe that you have to warm up your artistic muscles just as much as you need to stretch your athletic ones.

I hope someone buys this soon...cause I have the perfect Moo stickers to put on the package!


TrueMirage said...

love your encaustics. must get around to trying it sometime.

kneek said...

I couldn't agree more, but what do you do when there are only little snippets of time to put together? I want some really big blocks of time to string together. Sewing is one of those things I can't do piecemeal, but I really want to do big!

DC Designs said...

I saw this and just new that the nice green flowers belonged on my office wall! I love love love it! The texture is amazing!