Friday, March 21, 2008

fungus among us

fungus, originally uploaded by Marysusan.

Yeah, I know that this isn't a fiber...but I love how this picture came out, so I am posting it anyway. This is kind of the most extreme Macro you can get. What you are looking at here are the fruiting bodies of a common bread mold, stained for visibility and viewed through a microscope at 100x.

I took the photo by fitting the microscope with my digital eyepiece that I bought surplus from Russia. (My school couldn't afford one at the time and I REALLY wanted one) I think that it looks like modern art, and it kind of reminds me of my encaustic flower paintings that I do when I am not wrapped up in wool roving.

Maybe I should blow this up and sell the prints on really is kind of oddly lovely, isn't it?

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Scott Bulger Photography said...

You are right, it is oddly lovely.