Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dress without a face

I have discovered the danger of things being too good.

Here are two of the costumes from the show that I just finished. They are from the "Dancing Cavalier" section of Singing in the Rain that I made for our winter production. Faces have been removed, as it is a High School production and the actors are minors.

The dress has almost 20 yards of fabric in it...BTW.

Unfortunately, tons of people just assumed that we had either purchased the dress or had borrowed it from a local museum or costume house in the city (one of the possibilites being this close to Manhattan). Folks just could not beleive that we (my mum and I) made this dress. She gave me some amazing help on the bodice during her Christmas visit and then I completed and fitted the dress over the next week. There were over 30 woman hours of work in that baby. Don't get me started on the man's version...
They were just amazing on stage...I was so happy.


High Desert Diva said...

What an enormous amount of work! The costumes look fantastic.

Angela said...

Your work is just amazing! I love the flapper dresses above as well.